Muscular Dystrophy

Since 1954, the fire service has been a big supporter of the MDA.

In 2005 The Lunenburg & District Fire Department, became a strong supporter as well and continues to do so.

Lieutenant Tony Hunt has been looking after this project, and has been successful with various fund raising events.

One of the most popular fund raisers, is the annual Boot Drive. During the Easter weekend, a handful of firefighters dressed in full turnout gear, have had a fire truck set up at the local supermarket, and has offered to pack groceries into customers cars, and in return recieve a small donation to the MDA, any donation that is given is put in an actual firefighters boot, which the firefighters carry around with them. Each year, the Boot Drive donations have been getting bigger and bigger.

Another big fundraiser is ticket raffles, there are a few raffles each year with the same purpose in mind. The prizes range from Home Theater Systems, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, to Vacation Trips. These ticket raffles are also successful.

And during Christmas, Christmas ornaments are sold as well.

Most recently, its the collection of pop can tabs that help purchase a motorized wheelchair for a Muscular Dystrophy patient, right here on the south shore.

So the MDA has affected a lot of people, not just firefighters but the general public as well, so the MDA and the firefighters thank everyone for their support and to continue to support this worthy cause.

Created and maintained by Lt Tony Hunt.