Medical First Response

The Lunenburg & District Fire Department also provides MFR (Medical First Response) capabilities, with members who are highly trained and registered EHS (Emergency Health Services) MFR’s! We provide “first response” along with medical assists for the EHS paramedics in the ambulance.

Our Medical First responders are trained to Nova Scotia Department of Health standards for MFR’s registered with EHS. MFR are trained in basic patient assessment and treatment and have training in full spinal immobilization for patients with possible head/neck injuries, oxygen administration for patients having trouble breathing, as well as CPR and defibrilation Each MFR is also trained in the layout and location of equipment on EHS ambulances, so when assisting paramedics we can better help them in rapid treatment and transport, some members are also trained in landing the EHS LifeFlight helicopter at emergency scenes.

The majority of what MFR do is providing first response, which means that in the event that the ambulance is further away than usual they will call for us to respond as well, and start a patient assessment/treatment while they are on the way! We can also be called to assist an ambulance already on scene, if the call is more complicated or serious in nature; to provide some extra help. The other part of what we do is assist at MVC’s (Motor Vehicle Collisions), where we will respond as firefighters and only take on an MFR roll if deemed necessary once on scene.

We are provided state of the art equipment and training to handle almost any medical situation on a first responder level.

Our MFR also share our training with the younger generation, getting the Junior firefighter program involved in medical practices, and we even hold an annual Junior Mutual Aid training weekend each year, that always includes medical training along with much much more!

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