When an emergency call arrives, the LDFD has a wide variety of equipment to call upon. Below is an overview of the apparatus available. Select a vehicle from the menu above for more details.

#1 –¬†Aerial Truck

Quint- 1994 (refurbished in 2007) E-one 75′ Quint. Features include a Hale 1750 IGPM pump, 75′ aluminum ladder, full compliment of ground ladders, seating for six firefighters, and a Federal Q siren.

#2 – Pumper

1998 Metalfab/Freightliner 1050 IGPM Pump- Second Due unit on all Fire and Emergency Calls- First Due Mutual Aid Pumper, Ventilation Saw, Positive Pressure Fan, Generator, (2) Monitor Nozzles, Medical Equipement, High-Combat Hose, 4 Scott 2.2 SCBA

#4 – Rescue

2002 Lantz Truck Body/Freightliner Heavy Rescue/Command Post- Third Due Unit on Fire/Emergency Calls- First out on Medical First Response Calls

Hurst Combi-Tool, Rams and Air Bags, Medtronic Lifepac 500 Defibrillator, 4 Bottle Cascade System, Rehab Equipment, Negative Pressure Fan, Generator, 8 Scott 2.2 SCBA

#5 – Tanker.

2000 Metalfab/GMC 450 IGPM Pump- 1420 Gallon Tank1500 G al Portatank, Generator