Junior Firefighter Program.

Presently the LDFD Junior Firefighter department has 20 active members, both male and female.

The age requirement to join the Jr. fire department is 12,  once Juniors reach the age of 19, they are eligible to join the active members. Many of the junior members are the sons and daughters of the active firefighters.

The Jr Firefighters meet, the first Monday of each month for training and then a meeting follows.

There are three active firefighters that serve as councilors, they are: Captain Trevor Banfield, Captain Dave Robb, & Lieutenant Tony Hunt. The councilors keep track of all minutes from each meeting, their purpose is to offer guidance to them.

During the year, the junior members will take part in various events. They assist with events such as the Scallop Fry & the Chicken Barbeque which takes place during the Lunenburg Festival of Crafts.

When the local school holds their annual Spring & Christmas Concerts, the juniors are asked to help with the parking of vehicles, and in return they receive a donation to help pay for various events throughout the year. They also help out during Fire Prevention Week, when the firefighters attend the schools.

If anyone is interested in becoming a junior firefighter, please feel free to contact anyone of the councilors for an application.

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